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Ticket to Work Program

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Are you an employer who is looking to add value to your organization? Take advantage of the Ticket to Work Program and grow your organization with the help of our nation’s most worthy, untapped resource: Americans with disabilities.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) and DRS want to help you connect with qualified jobseekers (SSI or SSDI beneficiaries), who are equipped to contribute to your organization’s mission. The Ticket to Work Program is a work incentive program that encourages SSI or SSDI beneficiaries to join the workforce and rewards the employers who hire them.

If you are interested in additional revenue for your organization and need reliable, qualified and loyal employees, contact us about the Ticket to Work Program at 405.522.6537 or mhopper@okdrs.gov.

Employment Networks

An Employment Network is an organization or agency that has entered into an agreement with SSA to provide employment services and other types of support to beneficiaries under the Ticket to Work program.
An employer who becomes an approved Employment Network in SSA’s Ticket to Work program can receive payments based on hiring a qualified beneficiary with a disability who attains certain levels of earnings. In simpler terms, you get paid to hire employees. That’s something you would do anyway.

Becoming an Employment Network does not require that you only hire people with disabilities but it does reward you when you do. The employees you interview will be qualified for the position. We do the paperwork involved in getting your reimbursements. So what do you need to do? Bring an open mind to new possibilities.

Benefits to Enrolling as an Employment Network- Turn “Diversity into Dollars”

After your organization becomes your first Employment Network and hires an SSA beneficiary (Ticket Holder) you receive payment from Social Security. Payments are calculated as your employee reaches prescribed earnings’ milestones or outcomes.

Assistance Is Available to Help You Get Started!
If you are interested in becoming an Employment Network:

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Employment Network or the Employer Partner opportunity, contact Mari Hopper at 405-522-6537 or mhopper@okdrs.gov.

Check out the The Secrets to Saving Time and Money When Hiring New Employees brochure:

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