oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

Assistive Technology Lab [Visual Services]

A man and woman discuss the use of a piece of assistive technology equipment.

The Assistive Technology Lab at the Visual Services Center provides evaluations and free demonstrations using adaptive equipment and assistive technology. Our mission is to help people reach their vocational goals using the right technology according to their individual needs. The lab is operated by the Division of Visual Services.

The lab is outfitted with various types of assistive or adaptive technology, including computer software that allows users to hear text through speech synthesizers, screen magnification software and video magnifiers that increase the size of normal reading text up to 16 times with clarity.

Our staff will evaluate each person and complete a report based upon background information of their visual condition, types of equipment the individual was evaluated on and provide recommendations for specific equipment that proved useful.

Individuals who are blind or have low vision may contact the lab directly. Division of Visual Services counselors, employers, medical professionals or others may refer people for assistance.

You can learn more at Oklahoma ABLE Tech's Device Demonstration and Short Term Loan program Web page.