oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The purpose for Vocational Rehabilitation Services is to help eligible individuals with disabilities prepare for work and become gainfully employed.

The primary vocational rehabilitation services are counseling and guidance with job placement. However, other services may also be provided as needed for an individual to compensate for, correct or prevent disability-based barriers to employment. These services can include, but are not limited to:

The services a person receives are determined by the person's Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). This plan outlines a person's employment goal and the services that are needed to enable the person to achieve that goal. The IPE can be written by a VR client and counselor working together, or it can be written by the client according to guidelines the counselor will explain.

Eligibility: A person may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services if he or she has a physical or mental disability that is a barrier to employment and requires VR services to prepare for, obtain, keep or return to work. There must be a chance the person can benefit by going to work.

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Cost: Some services, such as medical examinations to determine if a person is eligible for vocational rehabilitation, counseling and job placement, are provided at no charge to the client. For some other services, a client may have to share in the cost, depending on his or her income and resources.

Other Vocational Rehabilitation Services provided:

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