Chapter 1. Section 3B

Chapter 1: Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Section 3: Assistive Technology Suppliers and Catalogs

Subsection B: General

Able Play National Lekotek Center

Visit Able Play National Lekotek Center Website


AblePlayTM is a toy rating system and website that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs so parents, special educators, therapist and others can make the best choices for the children in their lives with disabilities.

National Lekotek Center, 2001 N. Clybourn Ave
Chicago , IL 60614


773-528-5766 ext. 401




Visit ABLEWARE Website


Wide variety of adaptive products for daily living. Order catalog online.

Maddak, Inc., 661 Route 23, S.
Wayne , NJ 07470



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Access Mobility, Inc.

Visit Access Mobility, Inc. Website


Online healthcare supplies catalog for mobility aids, wheelchairs and accessories, bath safety products, aids for daily living, portable ramps and full range of healthcare products. Also supplies elevators and lifts for home and commercial use.

4855 S. Emerson Ave. #101,
Indianapolis , IN 46203



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Accessibility Designs, Inc.

Visit Accessibility Designs, Inc. Website


Online catalog; transfer boards, fitness equipment, upper cycles, wheelchair ramps, gloves and other products.

401 Isom Road, Ste. 520
San Antonio , TX 78216



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Acts of Kindness


Nonprofit organization loans medical equipment to needy persons. Equipment available may include electric wheelchairs and scooters, bath transfer benches, shower chairs, bedside commodes, raised toilet seats and grab bars. Equipment donations are accepted. All items are repaired, sanitized and inspected for safety.

3011 N.W. 63rd St.
Oklahoma City , OK 73116



Assistive Technology Equipment Loan Program (ATEL) Mary K. Chapman Center For Communicative Disorders

Visit Assistive Technology Equipment Loan Program (ATEL) Mary K. Chapman Center For Communicative Disorders Website


The Assistive Technology Equipment Loan Program (ATEL) offers a variety of assistive technology devices for a short-term loan to Oklahomans with disabilities, so that a trial can be experienced before a purchase is considered. Equipment is available through the ATEL program for short-term loans, demonstration, evaluation for appropriate device, or for self-familiarization of device usage. Requests for equipment loans may be made by a person with a disability, family members, advocates or service providers. Follow this link to learn more about the program,

2820 E. 5th St.
Tulsa , OK 74104





Assistive Technology, Inc.

Visit Assistive Technology, Inc. Website


Products include augmentative and alternative communications technology, environmental control systems and LINK smart keyboard that talks.

333 Elm St.
Dedham , MA 02026



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Enabling Devices, Inc.

Visit Enabling Devices, Inc. Website


Toys for Special Children" (children's catalog) focuses on the needs of children with disabilities. "Products for Independent Living" (adult catalog) focuses on the needs of the disabled adult poplulation

50 Broadway
Hawthorne , NY 10532



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Extensions for Independence

Visit Extensions for Independence Website

Height-Adjustable Modular Turntable Desks - For work and study, a Turntable Desk is ideal for those who are confined to a wheelchair. These desks are designed to increase the reaching ability of the user by means of rotating surfaces. Extensions For Independence has made available several models of these Turntable Desks which can be adjusted in height and configuration to suit individual needs.

555 Saturn Blvd. #B-368
San Diego , CA 92154

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Hearing Helpers

Visit Hearing Helpers Website

Hearing Helpers, in collaboration with Integris Third Age Life Center and ABLE Tech, provides the resources for the Faye Donalson Hearing Helpers demonstration room. The Hearing Helpers demonstration room is open daily, except for holidays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Hearing Helpers Demonstration Room provides hands-on demonstrations of a number of devices, specifically designed to help the hearing impaired. Whether you are interested in devices for yourself, for a loved one with hearing loss, or for a friend or neighbor, trained volunteers will demonstrate items that are commercially available to you. Products include amplified telephones, alerting devices for the phone and door bell, and devices for quiet listening to the TV. These items are appropriate for people of all ages, who have a hearing loss.

Assistive technology demonstration and short term Loan program - the purpose of the demonstration room is to offer individual or group exploration of one or more assistive technology devices to assist in decision making about device(s) purchases or utilization. Individuals can test assistive listening devices to assist in determining which products are the most successful for use and to "try before they buy." The room is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The demonstration room is staffed by volunteers, many of whom are hearing impaired and can understand the unique hearing patterns of different listeners. Direct link for their policies and procedures,

Integris OKC - INTEGRIS Third Age Life office
5300 N. Independence, Ste. 210
Oklahoma City , OK 73112



IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center

Visit IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center Website

Home Page Reader for Windows; software for learning disabilities; home page for Human Resources professionals with information on computer and information access for employees with disabilities.

IBM Corporation
1 New Orchard Rd.
Armonk , NY 10504


800-426-3383 Toll Free

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Visit Maxi-Aids Website

Products for people with vision, hearing and physical disabilities. Items include switches for computer and environmental control, watches and clocks, talking calculators and appliances, magnifiers, medical products, home and kitchen aids, telecommunications devices for the deaf (TTY's), white canes, wheelchairs, dressing and personal aids, sewing aids and more.

42 Executive Blvd.
Farmingdale , NY 11735


631-752-0521 For Information


800-281-2555 Toll Free or 631-752-0738

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NewView Oklahoma

Visit NewView Oklahoma Website


NewView Oklahoma is an Oklahoma private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1949 with the mission to empower people who are blind or significantly visually impaired to achieve their maximum level of independence through employment, rehabilitation and community outreach. Our team of licensed/certified vision rehabilitation specialists and assistive technology professionals offer full-time training, education and support for people living with vision loss, and serve as a resource for the people who care for them. NewView Oklahoma contracts with the Department of Visual Services to provide the following in state vision rehabilitation programs.

Low Vision evaluation and comprehensive treatment plan by a medically licensed Optometrist who specializes in Vision Rehabilitation. Each relationship begins with a professional and objective evaluation of current vision needs, abilities and lifestyle demands.

Low Vision and or Blind rehabilitation provided by licensed occupational therapist. Each patient at NewView receives an evaluation and treatment plan to address an individual’s ability to live safely and independently in their home, at work and or in the community.

Computer Assistive Technology – Computer assistive technology is offered to help patients learn how to use and utilize computers through accessibility software. The software that we teach includes but is not limited to IOS, Android, magnification programs, screen readers, graphic-to-text and OCR. Our lessons can be adapted for clients who are computer-savvy or simply need to learn the software to email and or use the internet.

Braille – We provide expert Braille instruction at all levels. Whether you are seeking to learn functional Braille or to read and write Braille fluently, NewView instructors can create an individualized program to meet your needs.

To learn more about NewView Oklahoma’s statewide vision rehabilitation services, please call our toll free number: 1-855-811-9699.

Visit New View's clinics:!clinics/c21ac

501 N. Douglas Ave.
Oklahoma City , OK 73106






Visit Numotion Website

Numotion provides a comprehensive range of Mobility & Seating Solutions including: Wheelchairs, Adaptive Seating, Scooters, Ambulatory, bathing and standing aids.

2809 S. Utah
Oklahoma City , OK 73108



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Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Visit Oklahoma ABLE Tech Website

Programs and services include:

  • Assistive technology information and referral;
  • Advocacy;
  • Training;
  • Equipment Exchange (adaptive equipment for resale);
  • Assistive tech demonstrations;
  • Electronic discussion list;
  • Publications including Oklahoma Funding for AT; and
  • Information on AT solutions for many needs.

Oklahoma Assistive Technology (AT) Device Short Term Loan Program: ABLE Tech and its partners will provide specialized equipment to Oklahomans with disabilities or those that have a dependent with a disability, regardless of their type of disability, age, income level or location of residence within the state and/or appropriate targeted individuals and entities statewide. Consumers have the opportunity to borrow AT devices they would not have otherwise been able to access because no such program exists for specialized equipment. This program will provide Oklahomans with disabilities assistive technology for the purpose of allowing consumers and agencies to "try before they buy," assessment, meeting interim needs when devices go in for repair and for personnel development activities.

Information and Referral: The ABLE Tech INFO-line helps people find the assistive technology they need and keep up with new developments in the field. The ABLE Tech INFO-line provides free information and referral services on assistive technology for people of all ages with disabilities. Family members, service providers, and others who work in fields related to disabilities or to assistive technology may use this service. ABLE Tech INFO-line's resources include a statewide computer database, national resources, in-house collection of catalogs and product literature. The number is 888-885-5588.

Direct link to Short Term Loan Program: .

Oklahoma State University, Seretean Wellness Center
1514 W. Hall of Fame Rd.
Stillwater , OK 74078-2026





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Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)

Visit Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) Website


The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) expands opportunities for employment, independent life and economic self-sufficiency by helping Oklahomans with disabilities bridge barriers to success in the workplace, school and at home.

To connect to the DRS office in your area call 800-487-4042.

  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR): Employment services for people with any disability, except blindness.
  • Division of Visual Services (DVS): Employment and independent living services for people who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Disability Determination Division: Determines medical eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Oklahoma School for the Deaf: Educational programs for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Oklahoma School for the Blind: Educational programs for children who are blind or visually impaired.

Counselors and technology specialists provide assistive technology evaluations, devices and services to agency clients based on individual needs related to achievement of employment goals. They also help employers locate appropriate adaptive equipment for employees with disabilities. Contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation or Visual Services counselor for information. See DRS Offices Statewide, Rehabilitation section for contact information.

DRS provides vocational rehabilitation, employment and limited independent living services to eligible individuals with disabilities. Medical equipment, assistive technology and related services may be provided if they are part of the Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) developed with a vocational rehabilitation client. In some cases assistive technology devices and services may be provided for independent living purposes.

Assistive technology services which may be available based on a person's eligibility and plan of service include evaluation for assistive technology needs, recommendations for suitable equipment, worksite evaluation for adaptive equipment needs and training in use of specialized equipment.

Current DRS clients should discuss assistive technology needs with their DRS counselors. Applications for DRS services can be made by contacting local DRS offices. See DRS Offices Statewide, Rehabilitation and Independent Living section.

State Office
3535 N.W. 58th St., Ste. 500
Oklahoma City , OK 73112



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Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) - Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Equipment Distribution Program

Visit Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) - Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Equipment Distribution Program Website


Equipment Distribution Program provides adaptive equipment for telephone and communications access for individuals who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing or speech impaired. Items available include TTYs, phone amplifiers, ring signalers, visual signaling devices and other adaptive devices for use in the home. Equipment is free for those meeting income guidelines, with sliding scale charges for persons above set income levels. Call 866-309-1717 or 580-622-5850 for more information.

Hearing Aid Program for Seniors provides assistance purchasing hearing aids for income-eligible senior citizens. Persons exceeding the income criteria may receive partial assistance. For information and applications call 866-309-1717 or 580-622-5850.

Oklahoma School for the Deaf
1100 E. Oklahoma Avenue
Sulphur , OK 73086



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Oklahoma School for the Blind

Visit Oklahoma School for the Blind Website


OSB is a residential and day school for children and youth with visual impairments. The School also serves as a statewide resource for the education of blind and visually impaired children in the public schools. Programs and services include:

  • Academic instruction through 12th grade;
  • Instruction in specialized adaptive skills such as braille, orientation and mobility, use of assistive technology and low vision aids, and independent living skills;
  • Vocational training and work-study opportunities;
  • College preparation;
  • Social, cultural and recreational activities including sports teams, music, band competitions, and a variety of student organizations;
  • Outreach services providing technical assistance to help teachers and parents develop appropriate individualized education programs for visually impaired children in public schools;
  • Related services such as student assessment, counseling, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, audiological services, health care and parent education and counseling; and
  • Library and Media Center with educational materials in alternate formats including Braille, large print and recordings. Assistive devices to try out or borrow include talking appliances, magnifiers, closed-circuit TVs for print enlargement, electronic Braille notetakers and much more.
  • Summer Enrichment Program: Oklahoma Kids: A Kaleidoscope. For 1st - 12th grade students who are blind or visually impaired. The summer program is for children and youth who do not regularly attend the School for the Blind. The program offers specialized skills instruction, remediation, reinforcement in academic skills, training in use of assistive technology for the blind, recreation and social skills development. Children are transported home each weekend of the four week session.

3300 Gibson St.
Muskogee , OK 74403



Toll Free: 


Practical Assisted Living Systems (P.A.L.S.)


Volunteers who design and build adaptive devices for individual needs. Volunteers work closely with therapists, medical professionals and special educators in development of low-cost technology solutions for unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Client reimbursement of materials costs is appreciated, but there is no fee for P.A.L.S. design work.

2904 Pine Ridge Rd.
Oklahoma City , OK 73120





Prentke Romich Company

Visit Prentke Romich Company Website


Products include augmentative communication systems, computer access technology, and environmental controls.

1022 Heyl Rd
Wooster , OH 44691



Toll Free: 




Sooner Ambucs

Visit Sooner Ambucs Website


Ambucs Share-4-Life Komputers (ASK): the program takes donations of used computers and gives them to individuals with disabilities. Software is installed on the computers but adaptive software and hardware is not provided.

P.O. Box 118
Norman , OK 73070



Total Source for Hearing-loss and Access (TSHA)

Visit Total Source for Hearing-loss and Access (TSHA) Website


Total Source for Hearing-loss and Access (TSHA) is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and provides comprehensive services to the Deaf and hard of hearing communities throughout Oklahoma. Their goal is to increase the independence of people with hearing loss.

TSHA's programs are far reaching. The Interpreter Referral Program provides sign language interpreters for the entire state of Oklahoma including both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Projects with Industry (PWI) offers job placement assistance to qualified individuals and serves a large portion of the state, while the Independent Living and the Information and Referral Programs focus mainly on the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Summer Day Camps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children - children ages 7-13 may attend, and youth ages 14-15 can apply for counselor-in-training positions. A deaf education instructor leads camps, with volunteers assisting. Activities include speakers and hands-on activities organized around a central theme that is different each year. Sign language and voice communications are used.

Independent Living Camp - for deaf and hard of hearing teens ages 14 and up. The camp meets at TSHA and is free. Activities focus on developing independent living skills such as cooking, budgeting, making college arrangements, using transportation, etc. Field trips and fun activities are included.

Deaf Teen Club - for youth of middle-school age and up. The Club meets the third Friday of each month, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and gives deaf and hard of hearing teens a chance to network, connect with peers, learn independent living concepts and have fun.

December Holiday Party - for children and youth who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired; children of deaf adults; siblings and families. Activities include free holiday stockings, games, crafts, prizes, food and a signing Santa.

8740 E. 11th St., Ste. A
Tulsa , OK 74112



Toll Free: 




Toy "R" Us Toy Guide for differently-abled kids

Each year,Toys "R" Us has the unique opportunity to present a collection of toys for children with special needs, appropriately selected for their play and skill-building value. Their commitment to fulfilling that goal continues with the edition of the Toys?R?Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. Follow this link to Toys "R" Us Differently-Abled Kids web,