Commissioner Jace Wolfe, Ph.D., CCC-A

Portrait of Commissioner Jace Wolfe

Member - Appointed by President Pro Tempore of the State Senate. Commissioner Jace Wolfe is the Director of Audiology and Research at the Hearts for Hearing Foundation in Oklahoma City. He also is an adjunct Professor in the Audiology Department at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City and Salus University, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

His areas of interest are pediatric amplification and cochlear implantation, personal remote microphone technology, and signal processing for children. He provides clinical services for children and adults with hearing loss and is also actively engaged in research in several areas pertaining to hearing aids, cochlear implants, hybrid cochlear implants, and personal remote microphone systems.

Commissioner Wolfe has authored and co-authored many publications, and articles in professional journals; and has presented at state, national, and international conferences and symposiums.

Commissioner Wolfe is excited to begin his tenure with the Commission for Rehabilitation Services and he finds life very fulfilling to help individuals with disabilities accomplish their goals and reach their full potential.

Contact Information

The Honorable Jace Wolfe
3535 N.W. 58th Street, Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

405.951.3472 Office