March 2017 Regular Meeting

State of Oklahoma
Commission for Rehabilitation Services

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Service
State Office
3535 NW 58th Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 10:30am

Jack Tucker, Commission Chair
April Danahy, Commission Vice Chair
Lynda Collins, Commission Member

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1. Call to Order and Roll Call

Commission Chair

2. Statement of Compliance with Open Meeting Act

Commission Assistant

3. Introduction of Guests

Commission Chair

4. Public Comments

Public Audience


5. Interim Director's Report with possible discussion
Noel Tyler, Interim Director

The report includes DDS awards; MS work with OME and contracts for FY18; HR EmpowerHR; OSB and OSD activities; VR and VS statewide activities; and Agency, Cross-Agency or Community Partnerships.

6. Financial Status report
Kevin Statham, Chief Financial Officer

Report as of January 31, 2017 with possible Commission discussion. The report includes FY16 and FY17.

7. Personnel Activity report
Tom Patt, Human Resosurces Programs Director

Report as of February 24, 2017 with possible Commission discussion. The activity report has current FTE status.

8. Legislative report
Kevin Nelson, Legislative Liaison

Legislative report with possible Commission discussion. The report includes legislation and legislative information affecting the Agency for the 2017 session.


9. Vote to Convene into Executive Session
10. Proposed Executive Session

Discuss the appointment of Noel Tyler as Director as authorized by the Open Meeting Act 25 O.S. 1991, 307 (B) (1).
Discuss Noel Tyler V. U.S. Dept. of Education, W.D. CIV-16-137-W as authorized by the Open Meeting Act 25 O.S. § 307 (B) (4).

11. Vote to reconvene into Regular Session.
12. HB 1861
Commission Chair

Review and discussion with possible vote to approve correspondence from DRS Commission on HB1861.

13. HB 2230
Commission Chair

Review and discussion with possible vote to approve correspondence from DRS Commission on HB2230.

14. February 13, 2017 Commission Minutes
Commission Chair

Review and discussion with possible vote to approve the February 13, 2017 Commission for Rehabilitation Services Regular Meeting Minutes.

15. Proposed Internal Policy changes
Tina Calloway, Process Improvement
Jean Jones, Legislative Representative

March 13, 2017
ISSUE: The majority of changes throughout all chapters, including all DRS internal policies, consist of the division name change of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind & Visually Impaired (VRBVI) becoming Visual Services (VS). Additional changes to Chapter 1 include removing specific names of publications, forms and instructions and use general descriptive language since the titles may change again in the future. The addition of a new policy to Chapter 10 authorizes DRS to assist clients to participate in work experiences, internships and apprenticeships which are training options encouraged under WIOA. Additional changes to Chapter 10 consist of clarifying terms and updating language to reflect current use of terms and removal of antiquated language.
BACKGROUND: Due to changes in procedures and agency names, changes in our policy are now necessary.
STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Review and discuss:
612:1-1-6. Description of forms and instructions issued by the Department for public use [AMENDED]
612:1-3-2.1. The Chief of Staff of Rehabilitation Services [AMENDED]
612:1-3-10. Final signature authority [AMENDED]
612:1-5-1. Overview of the department [AMENDED]
612:1-5-3. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind & Visually ImpairedVisual Services (DVRBVIDVS) [AMENDED]
612:10-1-1. Purpose [AMENDED]
612:10-1-2. Definitions [AMENDED]
612:10-1-3. Basic philosophy of rehabilitation programs [AMENDED]
612:10-1-3.1 Procedural exceptions [AMENDED]
612:10-1-3.2. Pilot projects [AMENDED]
612:10-1-5. Confidentiality [AMENDED]
612:10-1-6. Due process [AMENDED]
612:10-1-7. Purchase of services and goods for individuals with disabilities [AMENDED]
612:10-3-2. Consideration of comparable services and benefits [AMENDED]
612:10-3-3. Client participation in services cost and financial status determination [AMENDED]
612:10-3-4. Services exempt from client participation in service costs [AMENDED]
612:10-7-1. Overview of Vocational Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind & Visually ImpairedVisual Services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-2. Field staff responsibilities [AMENDED]
612:10-7-3. Client responsibilities [AMENDED]
612:10-7-21.1. Processing incoming referrals [AMENDED]
612:10-7-21.2. Information and referral system [AMENDED]
612:10-7-24.2 Assessment for determining eligibility [AMENDED]
612:10-7-24.3 Trial Work Experience and Extended Evaluation [AMENDED]
612:10-7-25.1 Order of selection [AMENDED]
612:10-7-31. Transfer of cases [AMENDED]
612:10-7-50. Eligibility Status [AMENDED]
612:10-7-51. Individualized Plan for Employment [AMENDED]
612:10-7-56. Employment [AMENDED]
612:10-7-87. Actions requiring supervisor’s approval [AMENDED]
612:10-7-98. General guidelines for physical and mental restoration services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-130. Maintenance [AMENDED]
612:10-7-142. General guidelines for training services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-149. College and university training [AMENDED]
612:10-7-150. Continued eligibility for college or university training [AMENDED]
612:10-7-152. Payment of tuition and fees at colleges and universities [AMENDED]
612:10-7-158. Training for individuals in custody of the Department of Corrections [AMENDED]
612:10-7-161. Public and Private vocational schools [AMENDED]
612:10-7-162. Textbooks, supplies, training tools and equipment [AMENDED]
612:10-7-170. Work experience, internship and apprenticeship [NEW]
612:10-7-183. Ongoing support services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-184. Extended services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-199. Reader/recording services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-201 Rehabilitation teaching services [AMENDED]
612:10-7-203. Orientation and Mobility (O & M) [AMENDED]
612:10-7-205. Services to persons who are deaf-blind [AMENDED]
612:10-7-206. Assistive technology services for individuals with visual impairments [AMENDED]
612:10-7-216. Tools, occupational equipment, initial stocks and supplies [AMENDED]

612:10-7-245. Definitions [AMENDED]
612:10-9-17. Application Status [AMENDED]
612:10-11-7. Administrative review [AMENDED]
612:15-1-3. Library functions and legal basis [AMENDED]
612:15-5-2. Suspension procedures [AMENDED]
612:20-3-5. Departmental resources [AMENDED]
612:25-2-5. Definitions [AMENDED]
612:25-4-1. Organization of the State Licensing Agency [AMENDED]
612:25-4-14. Training for new or potential licensed managers [AMENDED]
612:25-4-73. Due Process [AMENDED]
DRS:3-3-16. Leave when an office is temporarily closed due to unsafe working conditions or services are temporarily reduced due to hazardous weather (paid administrative leave) [AMENDED]
DRS:3-3-20. DRS Criminal Background Check [AMENDED]
DRS:3-3-110. Risk Management Programs Purpose and Scope [AMENDED]
DRS:3-3-112. Disaster Response and Recovery [AMENDED]
DRS:3-9-8. Purchases for Vocational Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind & Visually ImpairedVisual Services Divisions’ Clients [AMENDED]
DRS:3-9-80. Fleet management [AMENDED]

BUDGET IMPACT: The proposed policy sections should have no impact on the budget.

612:1-1-6, 612:1-3-2.1, 612:1-3-10, 612:1-5-1, 612:1-5-3, 612:10-1-1, 612:10-1-2, 612:10-1-3,
612:10-1-3.1, 612:10-1-3.2, 612:10-1-5, 612:10-1-6, 612:10-1-7, 612:10-3-2, 612:10-3-3, 612:10-3-4, 612:10-7-1, 612:10-7-2, 612:10-7-3, 612:10-7-21.1, 612:10-7-21.2, 612:10-7-24.2, 612:10-7-24.3, 612:10-7-25.1, 612:10-7-31, 612:10-7-50, 612:10-7-51,
612:10-7-56, 612:10-7-87, 612:10-7-98, 612:10-7-130, 612:10-7-142, 612:10-7-149,
612:10-7-150, 612:10-7-152, 612:10-7-158, 612:10-7-161, 612:10-7-162, 612:10-7-170,
612:10-7-183, 612:10-7-184, 612:10-7-199, 612:10-7-201, 612:10-7-203, 612:10-7-205, 612:10-7-206, 612:10-7-216, 612:10-7-245, 612:10-9-17, 612:10-11-7, 612:15-1-3, 612:15-5-2,
612:20-3-5, 612:25-2-5, 612:25-4-1, 612:25-4-14, 612:25-4-73, DRS:3-3-16, DRS:3-3-20,
DRS:3-3-110, DRS:3-3-112, DRS:3-9-8, DRS:3-9-80

16. OSB Donations
Rita Echelle, Superintendent

Review and discussion with possible vote for approval of the February, 2017 donations to the Oklahoma School for the Blind.

17. OSD Donations
Larry Hawkins, Superintendent

Review and discussion with possible vote for approval of the February, 2017 donations to the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

18. New Business
Commission Chair

New Business (“Any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the time of posting.” 25 O.S. § 311)

19. Announcements
Commission Chair

Date and location of next regular meeting of the Commission for Rehabilitation Services:
Monday, April 10, 2017 at 10:30 am.
Department of Rehabilitation Services
3535 NW 58th Street, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

20. Adjournment
Commission Chair